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At Sungja Publishing House, we are not merely publishers; we are cultivators of culture and curators of knowledge. Our mission extends beyond the printed page to the very heart of storytelling. We offer a sanctuary for celebrated memoirs that chronicle the lives of the remarkable, novels that move the soul, poetry that stirs the heart, and essays that provoke deep thought. Each book is a portal to another world, inviting readers to embark on a journey of discovery and growth.

Our collection is a testament to the human spirit, capturing the essence of experiences that span the spectrum of emotion and intellect. We believe in the power of words to transform, enlighten, and connect. With every story we share, we aim to foster a community of readers who are as passionate about understanding the human condition as we are. Sungja Publishing House stands as a beacon for those who seek to satisfy their intellectual curiosity, engage with profound narratives, and embark on a literary voyage that transcends the ordinary.

Meet Our Authors


Kim Tae Joo

Notable Work: The Path to Homeland

Asian senior women profile


Yeom Soon Ja

Notable Work: Beloved Husband

Korean man enjoying Latin America


Kim Jun Lee

Notable Work: Mother’s Wildflowers

Kim Tae Joo 1st poetry collection

This poetry collection encapsulates the sincere verses of a life well-lived—a life that spanned Saemaeul Movement, pastoral ministry, and retirement spent tending to rural farms. Through the twists and turns of existence, the poet's authenticity shines, etching profound words onto the pages.

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Cornus officinalis

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Yeom Soon Ja Essay Vol. 1

This collection of essays captures the heartfelt stories of a life lived with resilience and sacrifice. Despite the challenges, it’s a testament to the happiness found in family and the shared journey with a spouse.

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Camellia, camellia, camellia forest, camellia road,

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Kim Jun Lee Essay Vol. 1

This book holds the genuine tales of overcoming adversity, building a happy home, and dedicating a life to serving others. It’s a reflection of the true feelings experienced along this fulfilling journey.

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Planting a Seedling to Save the Planet

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Reader Reviews

The poetry of Kim Tae Joo is a balm for the soul. His words are not merely written, but deeply felt and lived. A must-read for anyone seeking solace in the beauty of verse.

- Lim Il Min

Reading Yeom Soon-ja’s essays feels like a conversation with an old friend. The authenticity and warmth in her storytelling are both comforting and inspiring.

- Hong Jung Li

Each poem and essay in this collection is a tapestry of human experience. They remind us of the shared joys and sorrows that connect us all.

- Sung Man Ryu

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